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Orangutwang Game
Orangutwang Game
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Orangutwang Game

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Have as much fun as a barrel of monkeys playing this wild and suspenseful game. Toss the dice, take turns hanging fruit and jungle friends (14 in all) from the orangutan, and see how long he hangs before he goes twang!

18 3/4" l x 6 1/4" w x 12 1/4" h.

Ages 4+.

How much can you hang before the orangutan goes twang??

Set up the game by hanging the orangutan from the vine that connects the two trees and then fill the base with vibrant fruits, bats, and lizards.

It's time to hang!

Taking turns, players roll the die to determine which type of game piece to hang from the orangutan. Will you get a bushel of bananas or a spooky bat?

Whatever you get - Be careful! - At any moment, the orangutan might go TWANG! - knocking everything to the jungle floor.

The last player to hang something from the orangutan without it going twang wins the game!

Are you sure you can handle the suspense of Orangutwang?


  • Game of hanging game pieces on an orangutan before it goes twang
  • Encourages motor dexterity, concentration, problem-solving, critical thinking
  • Every turn you take adds to the suspense!
  • Take turns hanging things from the orangutan
  • Roll the die to determine which things to hang
  • At any moment, the orangutan could go TWANG, knocking everything to the ground
  • Last player to play before the orangutan goes twang wins the game
  • Includes 2 piece base, 2 palm trees with toucan lever and vine string, orangutan, 14 hanging game pieces
  • Detailed game rules and instructions included
  • No batteries required!
  • High quality materials and construction - Exceptional gameplay